Press Release: Hamilton Sinkler Announces New Door Hardware in Sculpted Series

New York – Hamilton Sinkler today announced the Soho pulls and two new lever designs, Bone and Ecco, as additions to its Sculpted Series. The hardware in this series is designed by artist Mig Perkins from hand carved models that are digitally scanned and sand-cast in natural brass. According to the artist, “The handles’ subtle curves and sculptural presence engage the eye and invite touch.”

Regarding the Soho pulls, Perkins notes: “In designing the Soho handle, I started with a geometric faceted shape in folded paper and I worked it both manually and digitally until it made a taut arching bridge. The goal was to produce a pull for an important entry that is muscular and imposing without seeming heavy or ponderous.”

The Versa lever is the original hardware item from the Sculpted Series and has received coverage in Interior Design Magazine as well as New York Cottages and Gardens. It is now joined by Bone and Ecco.

Perkins says concerning Bone, “For this lever I wanted a shape that seemed grown, like a branch or a bone. With its organic dips and curves, Bone is an unexpected handle with a surprisingly comfortable grip.”

As for Ecco: “Ecco's simple, hand carved shape is intended to be in the vein of traditional levers, only more enticing. Its smooth and refined grip cants towards the hand to offer a contact place for the thumb.”


Soho Pulls

Levers from top to bottom: Versa, Bone, Ecco


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