Pembrooke & Ives Series: Modern Luxury in Hardware

In 2016 Hamilton Sinkler began a collaboration that continues to this day with renowned design firm Pembrooke & Ives to create a series of modern hardware that is substantial and makes a statement on tall doors. Under the umbrella of our Metropolitan Collection, this partnership has resulted in a cabinet pull, lever designs, and flush pulls that represent the peak of modern luxury in custom hardware.

The flush pull FP043 is characterized by clean lines with a simple even border but can be customized to any size. These have been used as 5 x 9 inch and 2.5 x 108-inch pocket door pulls.


FP043 - 2.5 x 108 inches

FP043 - 5 x 9 inches


The levers HL042, HL045, and HL047 rely on hard angles and a wide grip to lend a feeling of gravity and minimalism. HL042 is all clean lines, while HL045’s stepped feature evokes an Art Deco sensibility, and HL047 has a soft arc on the underside of the handle. All three can be further detailed with hammering or textures and used with escutcheons or rosettes in various sizes.


The DP140Z pull is the latest addition to the collaboration and can be used on cabinetry, or closet doors. The matched pair of pulls evokes the geometry of faceted gemstones.



As with all Hamilton Sinkler Metropolitan products, the hardware can be made in any finish desired. When seeking modern hardware for the luxury project, Hamilton Sinkler’s Pembrooke & Ives series is the perfect place to start.