Custom Work

Hamilton Sinkler boasts state-of-the-art custom manufacturing capabilities in hardware. The only limit is your imagination. From traditional hand drawings to laser-scanned sculptures and 3-D printed models, we work with designers and consumers alike to bring your hardware dreams into reality. Hamilton Sinkler also partners with architectural and design firms in collaborative ventures and licensing agreements.

Our Process



3D Resign Model

3D Resin Model

Final Product

Final Product

Our Work

Horn Pulls

Horn Pulls

Natural opaque horn drawer pull with hand-hammered detail. Shown in antique brass finish. Custom sizes of pulls available. Please inquire about horn finishes and faux horn alternatives. Horn can be applied to other hardware categories upon request.

Versa Lever

Versa Lever

Artist Mig Perkins designed this lever with an acute awareness of the grip and where the thumb falls. With a natural brass finish, the result is a sculpted and functional piece of artwork for the home.

Elizabeth Scott Suite

Elizabeth Scott Suite

Interior designer Elizabeth Scott couldn’t find the right cabinet hardware for a client, so she created her own with Hamilton Sinkler. Elizabeth drew inspiration from the traditional era’s classic beauty as well as modernism’s simplicity for this transitional collection.


The El Levers

The simple, right angle shape of this lever lends itself to the modern aesthetic. When embellished with hammering or texturing, it enters a new visual dimension.


Stealth Pull

Created in collaboration with renowned design firm Pembrooke & Ives, this matched pair of pulls evokes the geometry of faceted gemstones.

Barney’s Sculpted Pulls

Sculpted Pulls

These custom door pulls were commissioned for Barney’s location in Chelsea. Artist Mig Perkins designed and hand-sculpted the lever, while Hamilton Sinkler was chosen for our artisanal craftsmanship and casting abilities.


Arrow Lever

Our take on a 20th-century classic, this art deco lever is a stylistic interpretation of an arrow fletching.


Embossed Knob

Our monogrammed doorknob makes an elegant personal statement for the truly luxury home.