The heart of any hardware order is in a clear and detailed hardware schedule. The schedule enumerates all the hardware requirements for all the doors in a plan by function, door tag, finish, and jamb details. It accounts for any variations in the door hardware based on code requirements or other field conditions.

Hamilton Sinkler executes hardware schedules for its customers as a service. In addition, we also provide detailed product specification sheets and drawings for each of the hardware functions listed in the schedule.

Hardware schedules are usually based on the door schedule as provided by the architect. Door schedules sometimes note hardware requirements, but do not offer the detail that a hardware schedule provides.

To deliver this service for our clients, we request that you supply us a copy of the door schedule (showing the finishes, door thickness, height, width, and fire rating), the door elevations, and jamb details.

Contact us to execute your hardware schedule with your order.