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Knobs To Pulls: How To Customize
The Perfect Hardware For Home

By Heather Schreckengast


Good design is in the details. Details, like light switches, accent pillows and architectural hardware, not only play a supporting role to a home's overall design, but more often, become the defining moments that take a room or piece of furniture from so-so to sublime. Like the icing on a cupcake, the "jewelry" on doors and drawers adds the perfect finishing touch, and no one honors this more than Hamilton Sinkler, the premier architectural hardware maker.

The door handles to the entrance of Hamilton Sinkler's showroom showcase the hardware maker's sculptural prowess.

Collaborating with artists to interpret their visions in door and cabinet hardware, Hamilton Sinkler's team of craftsmen transforms door and cabinet levers, pulls and knobs into one-of-a-kind masterpieces of art. From New York high rises, luxury town and country homes, to boutique hotels, corporate headquarters and department stores throughout the U.S., Hamilton Sinkler's elegant hardware has made its mark and continues to for bespoke designs, custom capabilities and endless finish and textural options.

Sculpted to bring to mind sealife, sun and sand, the Sea Shell Pull is finished in a natural brass sheen that captures the warmth of coral beds and reefs aplenty.

Unlimited Potential

The only limit is your imagination when working with Hamilton Sinkler, whose state-of-the-art, custom manufacturing capabilities in hardware are unparalleled. From traditional hand drawings to laser-scanned sculptures and 3-D printed models, Hamilton Sinkler works with designers and consumers alike to bring hardware dreams into reality. Whether an Art Deco-inspired lever, a monogrammed doorknob or a sculpted or opaque horn drawer pull, the creative options are yours for the taking.  

A winner of numerous awards, this pair of closet door pulls captures Hamilton Sinkler’s ability to execute any design vision.

Finishing Touches

Hamilton Sinkler’s bespoke approach goes far beyond what meets the eye, with a fully customizable product catalog that adds value to any project, whether commercial, hospitality or residential. Choose from more than 20 textures, 16 cabinet finishes, 16 select and 7 standard door finishes or a heritage suite finish to create a unique look in any environment. Think of materials, like marble or Mother of Pearl, or metal-like textures in brass, nickel, pewter, bronze, black or chrome—all topped with a polished, dull, burnished or satin finish. The result is a striking, one-of-a-kind design.  

Inside the Hamilton Sinkler showroom, where levers, pulls and knobs of every variety inspire the imagination.

Details Beyond Design

While there's total freedom in the design of Hamilton Sinkler's architectural hardware, the product specifications and shop drawings for each are anything but. As a value add for its customers, Hamilton Sinkler executes hardware schedules to ensure everything is clearly outlined and detailed, accounting for any variations in the door hardware based on code requirements or other field conditions. Simply supply a copy of the door schedule, the door elevations and jamb details, and its team will take care of the rest.

See Hamilton Sinkler's products at hand-picked decorative showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and select countries worldwide, or visit hamiltonsinkler.com to see its full line of bespoke hardware.


The HL101MI door lever can be made with a marble or other stone insert.