Dealership Spotlight: Studio41


The Dealership Spotlight highlights the best in our trusted network of dealerships. Studio41 in Chicago, Illinois is a valued partner and distributor of Hamilton Sinkler hardware.

How long have you been in the hardware business?

 We’ve proudly provided quality products and service for 25 years.

What unique value to you provide for your clients?

We seek to go above and beyond in providing every customer with a tailor-made experience to make every job go as smoothly as possible for an incredible finished project. We want customers to be drawn to our showrooms with our stunning product selection and range of product style, and leave feeling supported through every step of the project with our customer service and support.

What do you look for when partnering with manufacturers?

When we partner with our vendors, we look for a match in quality, care, and dedication to detail that we believe in.

How has Hamilton Sinkler benefited your business and your customers?

Hamilton Sinkler has provided elegant finishing touches and show-stopping centerpieces to add to our current array of product. We can help customers easily create a customized look with Hamilton Sinkler’s finishes.